At Schrader Oil Co. 320 N. College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524.


3:00pm MST – 6:00pm MST


The SOC Grand Prix is a 4 person team relay race on a small scale dirt track (BMX inspired)  with obstacles.


Each team must complete a 4 lap race. Each individual on a team must complete one of the four laps. After each lap racers must come to a complete stop before transferring the trike to teammate. First team to complete all four laps wins.


Double Elimination bracket format divided into a Winnerʼs Bracket and a Runner-Up Bracket.   The race will be conducted in heats of two teams.  Win and stay in Winners bracket, lose once move to Runnerʼs Up bracket. After each race, teams are positioned accordingly in the brackets. If your team loses twice, your team is out of the Grand Prix. This continues until we can crown a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team.


Schrader Oil Co. will be providing custom built adult  tricycles (pictured below).  Please bring your own helmets and any other protective gear you may need.

trike photo

Custom Built trikes

Requirements for the Race:

  1. Each team member must wear a helmet. One of the four racers on each team will wear a GoPro video camera on their helmet.
  2. Must be old enough/tall enough to reach the pedals on the trikes.
  3. Each team member must have signed a release waiver prior to racing.
  4. Each team participating in the SOC Grand Prix should be to the race track no later than 30 minutes prior to the event.  Save time to park and get checked in with your team.
  5. Each team needs a team name.
  6. Each team must have paid their entry fee of $200 dollars prior to racing. All Proceeds going to Junior Achievement.
  7. Must be registered no later than August 17th 2017.

Additional Information:

  • Team colors, costumes, uniforms are encouraged.
  • Prizes awarded to best team uniform or costume.
  • No outside food or beverage containers are allowed inside the event. There will be a water station and bottles of water for purchase to support Junior Achievement.
  • Anyone drinking beer MUST be 21 years of age and have the proper ID bracelet visible at all times.